Basic Chemistry MCQs

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121. Water of crystallization can be removed by________________?

122. Which one of the following salt does not hydrolyzed________________?

123. Which of the following unit of concentration is independent of temperature ? 

124. The molal boiling point constant is the ration of the elevation of boiling point to____________________?

125. Which has the minimum freezing point ? 

126. Which of the following substance do not show continuous solubility curve ?

127. Every sample of matter with uniform properties and fixed composition is called_________________? 

128. The component of solution which is in smaller amount is called_________________?

129. 10ml of alcohol dissolve in 90ml of water unit of concentration used is________________?

130. 58.5g of of NaCl per 1 dm3 of solution of NaCl in water the concentration of solution will be___________________?