Basic Chemistry MCQs

GURU MCQs provides MCQs of Chemistry from Basic to Advance, so that you can prepare accordingly. MCQs of Chemistry section covers important topics of chemistry. Most repeated Chemistry MCQs frequently encountered in Inspector, ASI, Sub-inspector, Constable, FPSC, PPSC, ETEA, FIA, Police, Army, Navy, Airforce, IB, MOFA, ASF, LHC, Educators, and various other competitive exams, as well as government and private job assessments. Chemistry most repeated MCQs include Basic chemistry MCQs, Chemical Bond MCQs, Gases MCQs, Liquids and Solids MCQs, Hydrocarbons MCQs, Polymerization MCQs, Rates of Reactions MCQs, Transition Elements MCQs, Organic Chemistry MCQs, Electrons in Atoms MCQs, Moles and Equations MCQs, et

141. Which of the following element act as inert electrode________________?

142. Stronger the oxidizing agent greater is the________________? 

143. Which of the following cell is not rechargeable ? 

144. Which of the following is true in the case of Zn-Cu cell ? 

145. The degree of dissociation of week electrolyte increases as________________?

146. In electrolytic solution conductance of electricity is due to _____________________? 

147. Reaction at anode is called________________?

148. Decrease in oxidation number is called__________________?

149. Right half cell contains _____________ electrode?

150. Salt bridge transfers_______________?