Basic Chemistry MCQs

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161. The location of transition elements is in between__________________? 

162. Compounds attracted by applied strong magnetic field are called__________________? 

163. When light is exposed to transition element then electrons jump from lower orbitals to higher orbitals in______________________? 

164. When a compound of transition element is dissolved in a solution of salt then it produces____________________? 

165. The species which donate two electron pairs in a coordination compound is called__________________?

166. The central atom along with ligands is called____________________? 

167. In complex compounds the oxidation number is written in___________________? 

168. When the central atom of coordination compound is sp3d2 hybridization the expected geometry will be___________________? 

169. In the production of wrought iron Mg Si and P are removed in the form of___________________?

170. Any process of chemical decay of metals due to the action of surrounding medium is called__________________?