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41. When a number of roads are meeting at a point and only one of the roads is important, then the suitable shape of rotary is________________?

A. circular
B. tangent
C. elliptical
D. turbine

42. When the width of kerb parking space and width of street are limited, generally preferred parking system is________________?

A. parallel parking
B. 45° angle parking
C. 65° angle parking
D. 90° angle parking

43. The most economical lighting layout which is suitable for narrow roads is_______________?

A. single side lighting
B. staggered system
C. central lighting system
D. none of the above

44. In soils having same values of plasticity index, if liquid limit is increased, then_____________?

A. compressibility and permeability decrease and dry strength increases
B. compressibility, permeability and dry strength decrease
C. compressibility, permeability and dry strength increase
D. compressibility and permeability increase and dry strength decreases

45. Los Angeles testing machine is used to conduct______________?

A. abrasion test
B. impact test
C. attrition test
D. crushing strength test

46. The direct interchange ramp involves____________?

A. diverging to the right side and merging from left
B. diverging to the left side and merging from right
C. diverging to the right side and merging from right
D. diverging to the left side and merging from left

47. Which of the following tests measures the toughness of road aggregates ?

A. crushing strength test
B. abrasion test
C. impact test
D. shape test

48. If aggregate impact value is 20 to 30 percent, then it is classified as_______________?

A. exceptionally strong
B. strong
C. satisfactory for road surfacing
D. unsuitable for road surfacing

49. Percentage of free carbon in bitumen is______________?

A. more than that in tar
B. less than that in tar
C. equal to that in tar
D. none of the above

50. In CBR test the value of CBR is calculated at_______________?

A. 2.5 mm penetration only
B. 5.0 mm penetration only
C. 7.5 mm penetration only
D. both 2.5mm and 5.0 mm penetrations

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