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GURU MCQs provides Civil Engineering MCQs for Job Test and Interview Preparation, suitable for fresh graduates, students, and competitive exams. Most repeated civil engineering MCQs section is frequently encountered in CSS, PMS, Inspector, ASI, Sub-Inspector, Constable, FPSC, PPSC, ETEA, FIA, Police, Army, Navy, Airforce, IB, MOFA, ASF, LHC, Educators, and various other competitive exams, as well as government and private job assessments. The most common updated MCQs include Basic Civil Engineering, Building Materials, Surveying, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Hydraulics, Waste Water Engineering, RCC Structures Design, Irrigation, Railways, Construction Management, Theory of Structures, Estimating and Costing, Docks and Harbours, Elements of Remote Sensing, Building Construction, Concrete Technology, Advanced Surveying, Strength of Materials, Water Resources Engineering, Water Supply Engineering, Steel Structure Design, Highway Engineering, Airport Engineering, Structural Design Specifications, Tunnelling, and much more.

61. The recommended grade of tar for grouting purpose is_______________?

A. RT-1
B. RT-2
C. RT.3
D. RT-5

62. The maximum limit of water absorption for aggregate suitable for road construction is____________?

A. 0.4 %
B. 0.6%
C. 0.8 %
D. 1.0 %

63. RC-2, MC-2 and SC-2 correspond to_______________?

A. same viscosity
B. viscosity in increasing order from RC-2 to SC-2
C. viscosity in decreasing order from RC-2 to SC-2
D. none of the above

64. For rapid curing cutbacks, the oil used is______________?

A. gasoline
B. kerosene oil
C. light diesel
D. heavy diesel

65. Bottom most layer of pavement is known as_____________?

A. wearing course
B. base course
C. sub-base course
D. subgrade

66. The number of repetitions, which the pavement thickness designed for a given wheel load should be able to support during the life of pavement is______________?

A. 1000
B. 10000
C. 100000
D. 1000000

67. Tyre pressure influences the______________?

A. total depth of pavement
B. quality of surface course
C. both the above
D. none of the above

68. Select the correct statement______________?

A. More the value of group index, less thickness of pavement will be required
B. More the value of CBR, greater thickness of pavement will be required
C. Minimum and maximum values of group index can be 0 and 20 respectively
D. all of the above

69. Rigidity factor for a tyre pressure greater than 7 kg/cm2 is_______________?

A. equal to 1
B. less than 1
C. greater than 1
D. zero

70. Tie bars in cement concrete pavements are at______________?

A. expansion joints
B. contraction joints
C. warping joints
D. longitudinal joints

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