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GURU MCQs provides Electrical Engineering MCQs for Job Test and Interview Preparation, suitable for fresh graduates, students, and competitive exams. Most repeated Electrical Engineering MCQs section is frequently encountered in CSS, PMS, Inspector, ASI, Sub-inspector, Constable, FPSC, PPSC, ETEA, FIA, Police, Army, Navy, Airforce, IB, MOFA, ASF, LHC, Educators, and various other competitive exams, as well as government and private job assessments. Electrical Engineering most repeated MCQs include Analog and Digital Communications, Control Systems, Power Electronics, Electric Circuits, Electric machines, Electrical measurement & units, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Basic Electrical Engineering, Electrical Installation, Power Systems, Testing & maintenance of electrical equipment’s – and much more.

1. The IGBT resulted in higher switching speed and lower energy losses. It can be used for___________?

A. Uninterruptible power supplies
B. Induction heating system
C. Constant voltage and frequency power supplies
D. All of these

2. The input current waveform of a bridge controlled rectifier when the load is perfectly filtered is___________?

A. Sine wave
B. Square wave
C. Saw – tooth wave
D. Trapezoidal wave

3. An ideal diode is___________?

A. Unidirectional
B. Bidirectional
C. Fixed voltage polarity
D. Only (a) and (c)

4. A full wave rectifier with resistive load produces___________?

A. Second harmonic
B. Third harmonic
C. Fifth harmonic
D. Do not produce harmonics

5. Bidirectional semiconductor device is___________?

A. Diode

6. A crowbar is a circuit which is used to protect a_____________?

A. voltage sensitive load from excessive dc power supply output voltages
B. current sensitive load from excessive dc power supply output voltages
C. voltage sensitive load from excessive ac power supply output voltages
D. current sensitive load from excessive ac power supply output voltages

7. With gate open, the maximum anode current at which SCR is turned off from ON condition is called____________?

A. breakdown voltage
B. peak reverse voltage
C. holding current
D. latching current

8. An SCR can be used___________?

A. as static conductor
B. for power control
C. for speed control of dc shunt motor
D. All of these

9. The curve between V and I of SCR when anode is positive w.r.t cathode and when anode is negative w.r.t cathode are known as_____________________?

A. both as forward characteristics
B. both as reverse characteristics
C. former as forward characteristics and later as reverse characteristics
D. former as reverse characteristics and later as forward characteristics

10. TRIAC is a semiconductor power electronic device which contains____________?

A. Two SCR’s connected in reverse parallel
B. Two SCR’s connected in parallel
C. Two SCR’s connected in series
D. Two BJT’s connected in series

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