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261. Which is the Central Bank of Ukraine?
A. Bank of Ukraine
B. National Bank of Ukraine
C. People’s Bank of Ukraine
D. Federal Reserve of Ukraine

262. The slogan of the French Revolution was ____________?
A. One nation, one leader and one flag
B. Government of the people, by the people and for the people
C. Liberty, equality and fraternity
D. None of the above

263. Which country lies on the western side of the Iberian Peninsula?
A. Spain
B. Portugal
C. France
D. Andorra

264. What was the theme of the 2022 World Water Day (WWD) __________?
A. Leaving no one behind
B. Better Water, Better Jobs
C. Water for All
D. Groundwater, making the invisible visible

265. The largest source of pollution in the world is__________?
A. Herbicides and Insecticides
B. Automobile exhausts
C. Sewage and garbage
D. Industrial effluents

266. Twitter was created by: ___________?
A. Biz Stone
B. Jack Dorsey
C. Noah Glass
D. All Above

267. What is the name of Russian Space Agency?
A. Gazprom
B. Roscosmos
D. None of these

268. “Big Bash League” is related to which sports?
A. Football
B. Baseball
C. Hockey
D. Cricket

269. LAC is between which countries?
A. China & India
B. Pakistan & China
C. China & Kazakhstan
D. Afghanistan & China

270. LOC is between which countries?
A. Pakistan-China
B. Pakistan-India
C. Pakistan-Afghanistan
D. Pakistan-Iran

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