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21. ‘Toledo’ and ‘Ronda’ are the famous cities of ___________?

A. France
B. Spain
D. Russia

22. Which one of the following is the currency of Latvia country?

A. Kroon
B. Euro
C. Lat
D. Litas

23. Who will host the FIFA World Cup 2026 ?

A. Australia & New Zealand
B. Brazil & Argentina
C. Germany & Poland
D. US, Canada & Mexico

24. “Barcelona” is the famous city of________?

A. Spain
C. Ukraine
D. France

25. The famous food chain brands “KFC” stands for?

A. Kentucky Fried Chilli
B. Kentucky Fried Chicken
C. Ketherd friend Chicken
D. None of These

26. Which Country in the World has most neighbours?

A. Russia
B. Phillipines
C. China
D. None Of These

27. What is the Capital city of Jamaica?

A. Kingston
B. Berlin
C. Khartoum
D. Kuala Lumpur

28. ‘Washington’ joined as _________ state of USA in 1889?

A. 50th
B. 46th
C. 42nd
D. 40th

29. How may provinces are in “Iran”_________?

A. 31
B. 32
C. 33
D. 34

30. Which is the largest province of Iran by Area?

A. Alborz
B. Kerman
C. Tehran
D. Ilham Province

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