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31. Which is the smallest province of Iran by Area?

A. Alborz
B. Ilham province
C. Kerman
D. Tehran

32. Muslim Brotherhood is a party who won 82 seats in September 2005 elections. it is party of?

A. Syria
B. Egypt
C. Jordan
D. Iran

33. The greatest contribution of the Romans to the world civilization has been?

A. Architecture
B. Literature
C. Code of Laws
D. Irrigation System

34. “Homer” was the greatest poet of the language namely:

A. Greek
B. Latin
C. Spanish
D. English

35. “Seville” is the famous city of_________?

B. Spain
C. France
D. Russia

36. Besides Luxury cars,Rolls Royce is also known for?

A. Missiles
B. Tanks
C. Aerospace engines
D. Aircraft

37. ESPN is one of the biggest satellite TV networks.It stands for?

A. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network
B. European and Sports Programming Network
C. Educational and Sports Programming Network
D. None of These

38. Which company gifted the world a product called “Scooter”?

A. Honda
B. Harley Davidson
C. Lambretta Auto LTD
D. Piaggio spa

39. Which company gifted “cornflakes” to the world?

A. Pepsi foods
B. Kellogg’s
C. McDonald’s
D. General foods

40. In 1997, Hong Kong was reverted back to Chinese Rule. What does Hong Kong mean in the Mandarin Language?

A. A firm trading opium
B. A Large Trading Company
C. Fragrant Harbour
D. Both B & C

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