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51. The Great Australian Bight is part of what larger body of water?

A. Indian Ocean
B. Coral Sea
C. Pacific Ocean
D. Timor Sea

52. Which Strait connects Labrador sea and Baffin Bay?

A. Davis Strait
B. Denmark Strait
C. Hover Strait
D. None of these

53. Which strait separates Greenland from Canada?

A. Denmark Strait
B. Davis Strait
C. Both of these
D. None of these

54. Which mountain range is located between Caspian Sea and Black Sea?

A. Ural Mountains
B. Caucasus Mountains
C. Elbrus Mountains
D. None of these

55. National Fish of Pakistan is ____________?

A. Blue Marlin
B. Hogfish
C. Flounder
D. Mahseer

56. Tansen by profession was _________?

A. Poet
B. Musician
C. Commander
D. None

57. Great sphinx exist in ___________?

A. Egypt
D. None of These

58. Which neighbor country of Pakistan is landlocked?

A. Iraq
B. India
C. China
D. Afghanistan

59. Libya celebrates its Independence & National Day on _________?

A. 17 December
B. 19 December
C. 22 December
D. 24 December

60. Como lake is located in which country?

A. Norway
B. Italy
C. Germany
D. Switzerland

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