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61. Which of the following business terms is derived from the Latin word meaning “to role over”?

A. company
B. Corporation
C. Conglomerate
D. Bank

62. NOMURA , a top financial services company, belongs to which country?

A. Japan
B. China
D. Russia

63. The Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) was established in _________?

A. 1977
B. 1987
C. 1966
D. 1994

64. Who has scored the most goals ever in football history?

A. Cristiano Ronaldo
B. Meradona
C. Pele
D. None of These

65. Qatar got independence in _________?

A. 1990
B. 1999
C. 1971
D. 1965

66. Honey bee eyes are?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. None of These

67. There are __________ members of SAARC?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

68. Which Country from the following is NOT the member of UNO?

A. Vatican City
B. Afghanistan
C. North Korea
D. Vaitnam

69. Which is the capital of Angola?

A. Baku
B. Canberra
C. Luanda
D. Manama

70. How much containers have been used to built stadium 974?

A. 963
B. 974
C. 985
D. None of These

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