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81. Which is the smallest province of Iran by Population?

A. Gillan
B. Ilham Province
C. Kurdistan
D. Fars

82. Which is the largest province of iran by population?

A. Sistan Balochistan
B. Khorasan-e- Rizvi
C. Kerman
D. Tehran

83. What is the population of the world in 2022.?

A. 6 billion
B. 7 billion
C. 8 billion
D. 9 billion

84. Saudi Arabia celebrates its national day on _________?

A. September 23
B. September 25
C. September 24
D. September 21

85. Reuters is united kingdom based new agency founded by Paul Reuter in ________?

A. 1851 A.D
B. 1817 A.D
C. 1901 A.D
D. 1830 A.D

86. What border did the Great Wall of China protect?

A. Western Border
B. Southern Border
C. Eastern Border
D. Northern Border

87. which is the smallest Province of Afghanistan by Area?

A. Pakhtia
B. Kunar
C. Kapisa
D. Herat

88. which is the largest Province of Afghanistan by Area?

A. Qandhar
B. Helmand
C. Paktika
D. Badakhshan

89. Which of the following is the largest city situated on the Europe’s longest river, Volga?

A. Moscow
B. Baku
C. Tbilisi
D. Kazan

90. The Livestock Farm Rakh Mahni was established in ________?

A. April 1950
B. March 1950
C. April 1951
D. None of These

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