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Law, as a discipline and profession, deals with the customs, practices, and rules of conduct recognized by a community as binding. These rules are enforced through controlling authorities. The www.gurumcqs.com offers over 2000 Law MCQs to help students prepare for various school, college, and university examinations. These Law MCQs cover a wide range of topics, including basic law concepts, the second constitution of Pakistan, the Pakistan Penal Code 1860, the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898, the Offences of Zina Ordinance 1979, and more. They are valuable not only for exam preparation but also for interviews, competitive exams, and legal job roles such as Law Lecturers, Legal Advisors, and Legal Associates. Additionally, you can explore MCQs related to Sociology. 📚🔍

**111. Section __________ of P.P.C. deals with tampering gas meter by industrial or commercial consumer?**

A. 462-C
**B. 462-D**
C. 462-E
D. None of these

**112. Section _____, of P.P.C. deals with damaging or destructing the transmission or transportation lines etc _____________?**

A. 462-D
**B. 462-E**
C. 462-F
D. None of these

**113. “Forgery” means_______________?**

**A. Making of false document**
B. Making of false evidence
C. None of above
D. None of these

**114. A has a letter of credit upon B for rupees 10,000, written by Z. A in order to defraud B, adds a cipher to the 10,000, and makes the sum 1,00,000, intending that it may be believed by B that Z so wrote the letter. A has committed___________________?**

**A. Forgery**
B. Perjury
C. Cheating
D. None of these

**115. Section 471, of P.P.C. deals with__________________?**

**A. Using as genuine a forged document**
B. Using of public records fraudulently
C. None of above
D. None of these

**116. Section 489-A, of P.P.C. deals with___________________?**

**A. Counterfeiting currency notes or bank notes**
B. Counterfeiting of public notes
C. Counterfeiting of any document
D. None of these

**117. Whoever sells to, or buys or receives from, any other person, or otherwise traffics in or uses as genuine, any forged or counterfeit currency-note or bank-note, knowing or having reason to believe the same to be forged or counterfeit he commits offence under section________________?**

**A. 489B P.P.C.**
B. 489C P.P.C.
C. 489D P.P.C.
D. None of these

**118. Whoever makes or uses documents resembling currency notes or bank notes he commits an offence under section______________________?**

A. 489 D, P.P.C.
**B. 489 E, P.P.C.**
C. 489 F, P.P.C.
D. None of these

**119. Whoever dishonestly issues a cheque which is dishonoured at presentation before a bank he shall be punished_______________?**

A. With imprisonment for two years
**B. With imprisonment for three years**
C. With imprisonment for five years
D. None of these

**120. Whoever takes or entices away any woman with intent that she may have illicit intercourse with any person, or conceals or detains with that intent any woman, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ?**

A. Three years
B. Five years
**C. Seven years**
D. None of these

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