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If you need assistance preparing for a marketing exam or test, provides Marketing MCQs with answers and explanations. These MCQs are beneficial for students pursuing MBA, MMS, BBA, Bcom, Mcom, PGDM, MMM, and MCA. They are also valuable for NTS, FPSC, KPPSC, ETEA, and other test preparations. The Marketing MCQs cover a range of topics including Core Concepts of Marketing, Marketing Management, Marketing Mix (Price, Product, Promotion, Place), New Product Development, Brand Management, Marketing Environment, Consumer Behavior, Integrated Marketing Communications, and more. Additionally, you can find Finance MCQs with answers on the platform.

1. The reduction in price awarded to customers who buy products in large volumes is classified as __________?

A. non-functional discount
B. discount
C. quantity discount
D. descriptive discount

2. If the desired return on sales is 70% and the markup price is $65 then the unit cost will be ___________?

A. $30.00
B. $25.50
C. $19.50
D. $22.50

3. The ice-cream brand sell their same serving of ice-cream at different locations depend on from where you can buy, is an example of ___________?

A. location pricing
B. channel pricing
C. customer segment pricing
D. product-form pricing

4. The form of countertrade in which seller gets payments in cash and agrees to spend amount of money within specific time period is classified as __________?

A. offset
B. buy back arrangement
C. barter
D. compensation deal

5. The kind of pricing in which prices are set below the cost temporarily and intentionally to destroy the competitors is classified as _________?

A. non-predatory pricing
B. predatory pricing
C. descriptive pricing
D. augmented pricing

6. The sum of variable costs and fixed costs is classified as _______?

A. fixed costs
B. total costs
C. augmented costs
D. variable costs

7. The pricing objective of company who is plagued with intense competition and overcapacity is ___________?

A. maximum market skimming
B. maximum market share
C. maximum current profit
D. survival

8. The target return pricing method is used by company’s selling for _________?

A. demand inelastic items
B. specialty items
C. public utilities
D. slower moving items

9. The reduction in price awarded to customers who buy products in large volumes is classified as ________?

A. unbundling
B. delayed quotation pricing
C. reduction of discounts
D. reduction of discounts

10. The method of pricing in which desired return is multiplied to invested capital divided by unit sales and unit cost is added into result is classified as _________?

A. target return price
B. value pricing
C. perceived pricing
D. target markup price

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