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Medicine encompasses the domain of health and healing, involving professionals such as nurses, doctors, and various specialists. This field addresses the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, as well as medical research and various aspects of health. offers over 2000 medical MCQs with detailed explanations for medical exam preparation and tests. These medical MCQs cover a wide range of topics, including basic sciences, clinical sciences, principles and practices of medicine, intensive care medicine, Nursing MCQs, Medical devices, Physical and occupational therapy, and more. Additionally, you can find MCQs on biochemistry on the platform.

1. All of the following statements about the typical features of a periapical granuloma are true EXCEPT:

A. It consists of proliferating granulation tissue
B. It can form only if the periapical bone is resorbed
C. It shows evidence of local antibody production
D. It results from immunologically mediated tissue damage

2. The recurrence of pleomorphic adenoma is attributed to____________?

A. Presence of an incomplete capsule
B. Mixed origin
C. Absence of capsule
D. Perineural spread

3. Sjorgen’s syndrome includes all except____________?

A. Xerostomia
B. Keratoconjunctivitis
C. Arthritis
D. Lymphoma

4. Which tumour does not occur in minor salivary gland ?

A. Pleomorphic adenoma
B. Adenocarcinoma
C. Mucoepidermoid carcinoma
D. Warthin’s tumour

5. Sialolith in the excretory duct, will result in______________?

A. Chronic sialadenitis
B. Mucous retention cyst
C. Pleomorphic adenoma
D. rupture of the duct

6. The most common complication of mumps is______________?

A. myocarditis
B. Orchitis
C. Uveitis
D. Conjunctivits

7. A cyst occurs under the tongue, caused by obstruction of a salivary gland. Such a cyst is called_______________?

A. Mucocele
B. Ranula
C. Dermoid cyst
D. Dentigerous cyst

8. Sialography is used to detect anomaly of_______________?

A. Salivary duct only
B. Salivary gland
C. Salivary gland & duct
D. Salivary gland tumours

9. Which of the following is of salivary gland origin ?

A. Acinic cell carcinoma
B. Granular cell myoblastoma
C. Chondrosarcoma
D. All of the above

10. A condition of the mouth with increase the caries activity in the oral cavity is_________________?

A. Xerostomia
B. Malignancy
C. Hairy tongue
D. Watery saliva

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