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Psychology MCQs for Preparation. If you are preparing for the Psychology MCQs, then provides you with all the most repeated Psychology MCQs on Lecturer Psychology, Clinical psychologist, Counselling psychologist, Educational psychologist, Forensic psychologist, Everyday life Psychology, Clinical Psychology(Assess and treat mental, emotional and behavioral disorders), Counseling psychologists. Developmental psychologists, Educational psychologists, Engineering psychologists, Experimental psychologists, Forensic psychologists  – and much more. In this MCQs section, frequently encountered in Inspector, ASI, Sub-inspector, Constable, FPSC, PPSC, ETEA, FIA, Police, Army, Navy, Airforce, IB, MOFA, ASF, LHC, Educators, and various other competitive exams, as well as government and private job assessments. Also, check MCQs on English here.

1. Systematic desensitization is used in treatment of ___________?

A. Schizophrenia
B. Mood disorders
C. Phobias
D. Somatoform disorders

2. Some employers allow their employees to create their own schedules within set parameters. This is called ___________?

A. Job sharing
B. Job enrichment
C. Time sharing
D. Flextime

3. The Binet-Simon scale was adapted for American use by ___________?

A. Thurston
B. Terman
C. Wechsler
D. Binet

4. The degree of concentration or dilution of color is known as its ___________?

A. Brightness
B. Hue
C. Saturation
D. Volume
E. None of these

5. Psychophysics is the study of the relationship between ___________?

A. Sensory attributes and physical energy
B. Perception and physiological process
C. Psychology and physics
D. None of these

6. Coping behavior is ___________?

A. Often unconscious
B. A form of habitual behavior
C. Always goal-directed
D. Usually carried out directly

7. The “local” stimulus theory of hunger is associated with the name of ___________?

A. Cannon
B. Beach
C. Ingram
D. Anderson
E. None of these

8. McClelland’s method of measuring the achievement motive made use of ____________?

A. Self-ratings
B. Fantasy
C. Person’s estimates of level of aspiration
D. Activity level
E. None of these

9. The Cannon-Bard theory of emotions emphasis the role of the ___________?

A. Skeletal muscles
B. Thalamus and hypothalamus
C. Hormonal system
D. All of the above
E. None of these

10. The term “reinforcement” refers to the pairing of ___________?

A. CS and US
B. CR and UR
C. US and UR
D. CS and CR

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