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Sociology encompasses the study of social life, social change, and the social factors influencing human behavior. The Guru MCQs offer an extensive collection of 2000+ Sociology MCQs to aid in the preparation for examinations in schools, colleges, and universities, helping students achieve high marks. These solved sociology MCQs span various topics including modern family sociology, ecclesia sociology, interactionalist theory, poverty line sociology, absolute poverty sociology, symbolic interactionist theory, common sense sociology, dependency theory sociology, criminology, white-collar crime sociology, mass society theory, social problems in Pakistan, social control, cultural change and social policy, methods of sociological research, and social interaction, among others. These multiple-choice questions also serve as valuable resources for interview preparation, entrance exams, competitive assessments, and job roles such as PPSC, FPSC, KPPSC Lecturers, CSS Sociology officers, and more, catering to individuals at all levels of experience, including experienced professionals, newcomers, and students. Additionally, explore MCQs on Statistics for further study.

1. Which of the following research methods uses existing records ?

A. survey research
B. naire research
C. archival research
D. observational research

2. Sociologists________________?

A. are exempt from the considerations of research ethics that govern biological researchers
B. have not been able to agree on a code of ethics
C. enjoy the same privileges as attorneys in protecting subject’s privacy
D. should obtain informed consent in cases where subjects may be exposed to risks of research that are greater than the risks of everyday life

3. When conducting social research what is the next step in the scientific method after a review of the literature ?

A. collecting data
B. choosing a research design
C. selecting a researchable problem
D. formulating a hypothesis

4. In the library Louanne observes a woman sitting at a table by herself A man comes up and sits at the other end of the table the woman frowns and shakes her head no The man gets up and moves to another table Lounne concludes that the woman did not want to share a study table The theoretical perspective Louanne is using is_______________?

A. the conflict perspective
B. the functionalist perspective
C. the interactionist perspective
D. none of the above

5. Students at Bailey University staged a sit-in to protest the University’s decision to cancel its longstanding policy of exempting graduating seniors from final exams Which strongest framework for analyzing this situation?

A. Interactionist because the University and the students didn’t share the same understanding about final exams
B. Conflict, because this is an example of a power struggle between two groups with conflicting ideas an interest
C. Functionalist because teaching college students to protest is a manifest function of education
D. none of the above

6. What major contribution did W.E.B DuBois make to sociology ?

A. He developed a theoretical understanding of racial inequality
B. He conducted research on the upper classes of Philadelphia
C. He chaired the first Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago
D. None of the above

7. Weber,s view that sociologists must not allow their personal biases to affect the conduct of their research is called______________?

A. verstehen
B. dialectical materialism
C. social facts
D. value-free sociology

8. Those aspects of social life that have to do with order, stability and social organization that allow societies and groups to hold together and endure are called______________?

A. social statics
B. social dynamics
C. social absolutes
D. constructed reality

9. Who coined the term sociology and is generally considered to be the founder of sociology ?

A. Karl Marx
B. Auguste Comte
C. Max Weber
D. Emile Durkheim

10. It is useful to have a diversity of theories in sociology because________________?

A. human behavior is so complicated that no single theory would be adequate
B. sociologists can choose the theory that best fits the data they have collected
C. It removes the need to assess a theory according to the empirical evidence
D. innumerable theories have been developed in the many fields of sociology

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