International Current Affairs Mcqs provides all updated International Current Affairs MCQs. Most repeated World Current Affairs MCQs section, frequently encountered in Inspector, ASI, Sub-inspector, Constable, FPSC, PPSC, ETEA, FIA, Police, Army, Navy, Airforce, IB, MOFA, ASF, LHC, Educators, and various other competitive exams, as well as government and private job assessments. Most repeated Current Affairs MCQs covers topics like International Issues, Geography, Atmosphere, Science and literature, International Organizations, Challenges at national and international levels during the last 4 years events, etc.

1. Nomura Asia Pacific Cup amateur championship was held at _________?

A. China
B. Japan
C. Vietnam
D. Philippine

2. Which word is picked by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as word of the year 2022?

A. Vaccine
B. Pandemic
C. Gaslighting
D. Justice

3. Who is the first Black person ever to lead a US congressional caucus succeeding Nancy Pelosi as Democrats leader in The House of Representatives?

A. Jerrold Nadler
B. Queen Johnson
C. Hakeem Jeffries
D. Yvette Clarke

4. Which country would chair the next meeting of G20 in 2023?

A. Germany
B. India
C. Indonesia
D. Italy

5. NOMURA , a top financial services company, belongs to which country?

A. Japan
B. China
D. Russia

6. Who has scored the most goals ever in football history?

A. Cristiano Ronaldo
B. Meradona
C. Pele
D. None of These

7. Who is the Current Prime Minister of Malaysia?

A. Mahathir Bin Mohamad
B. Ismail Sabri Yaakob
C. Anwar Ibrahim
D. None of these

8. North Korea tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile?

A. Hawasong 15
B. Hawasong 12
C. Hawasong 17
D. Hawasong 16

9. Largest ever volcanic eruption recorded in __________?

A. Fiji
B. Tonga
C. Niue
D. Samoa

10. What is Current World Population (2022) according to united nations worldometer ?

A. 7.7 billion
B. 7.8 billion
C. 8 billion
D. D. None of These

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